HOPE ISN'T quarantined

Easter will be different this year, but our world needs hope more than ever before! Be a part of the online celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the hope He provides.
Hope is here!

Our Theme is

“Hope is Here”

Christ’s resurrection from the grave gives our world hope. With lives being lost and people losing work and income, find out how you can experience the hope in Jesus Christ this Easter.

Service Time

April 12, Sunday at 10:00 am



Easter in a Bag

Even though our community egg hunt won’t take place, we still want to give your family some Easter fun. We are giving away an “Easter in a Bag” gift.

What’s in the Easter bag?

Glad you asked. 😁

Easter Eggs for Children
Special Items for Kids Lesson
Treats for Adults

Easter Sunday

Here’s What to Expect

Special Kids
Easter Video

A special Easter themed
message for children.

Testimonials Of Changed Lives

The good news about the life-change
Christ had in these people’s lives
Watch Sunday, April 12 at 10:00 AM

“Hope is Here” Bible Message

Listen to Pastor Surface as he shows
why we can have hope during this time.
Watch Sunday, April 12 at 10:00 AM

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We hope you’ll celebrate with us this Sunday.