Friday, August 12

Time: 7:00pm

Location: Church Auditorium

Setting: Casual family setting interviewing mission works we support as well as people who have been involved with missions.

Saturday, August 13

Time: 5:00pm

Location: Church Auditorium (adults); Teen Room (children)

Setting: Around the World Potluck. We want you to bring your favorite ethnic dish to share with the church family! After enjoying our meal, we will be challenged to personally get involved with upcoming missions projects.

Sunday, August 14

Time: Normal service times

Location: Normal class/service locations

Setting: We will have our normal Sunday service, but with a strong emphasis on world-wide evangelization. We, as a church, are going to step back and see what we are going to do about the spiritual fate of the world. Come prepared to have your heart impacted for people groups outside your own influence!

“A missions conference is a business meeting of the church to decide the fate of the world.”

– Dr. Don Sisk

Give to Missions

Giving to missions is truly a privilege as we have the opportunity to have fruit abound to our account as a result of our support of those whom God has called. As Paul commended the church at Philippi in Philippians chapter four for their care for him, God commends Christians who take the opportunity to go above and beyond what is required of them in their giving.

Missions giving is a personal decision in a Christians relationship to the Lord. At Ohana, we never desire to pressure anyone into giving beyond what the Holy Spirit has burdened their heart to do. We simply look to make it easier to give for those who do feel led. Please use the form below to give a one time or reoccurring gift to our missions program. We also encourage you to fill out an offering envelop in one of our services, check the box “I gave this online”, and drop it in the offering basket as a tangible way of saying, “I love you, Jesus.”