We’ve all grown up hearing fairy tales of princesses who were swept off their feet by a handsome prince. The only thing that makes those stories different from our marriages are the words “a long time ago in a land far away”. It is possible to have a real “happily ever after” marriage, but it’s only by following God’s principles. This marriage class will do just that—combine the Bible’s teaching on marriage with practical application.

Lesson 1 – How to have a Fairy Tale Marriage

Learn God’s foundational principles about marriage so that you and your spouse can live Happily Ever After in the Lord!

Lesson 2 – The Four Commands

If you take everything the Bible says about marriage and boil it down to the basics there are four commands for the husband and four commands for the wife. Commands are what we do whether we feel like it or not. Be ready to listen, to learn, and to obey.

Lesson 3 – Finding Strength in Our Differences

Most of the conflict in marriage is because we are so different. In this lesson you will learn to understand and accept your differences in personality, as male & female and your background. You will laugh and cry as you learn to understand yourself and your spouse!

Lesson 4 – Learning to Communicate

The biggest problem in most marriages is not finances or sex. The underlying issue is a lack of open, honest communication. Learn the skills you need to understand your spouse or more importantly to help them to understand you.

Lesson 5 – Into-Me-See

In this lesson, you will learn to develop both emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical intimacy in your marriage. WARNING: Weeks 16-& 17 are intended for married couples only. Dating or engaged couples should not watch these unless they are within 8 weeks of being married.

Lesson 6 – Burned by Pornography

Pornography is like a fire; Once it starts it spreads quickly and is hard to put out. Pornography is destroying marriages through unrealistic expectations and unfair comparisons. Being married does not automatically solve this problem. Learn how to prevent this problem from igniting in your life and how to suppress it in your own life.

Lesson 7 – The Love Chapter

I Corinthians 13:4-8 – Learn the 15 characteristics of love. This lesson is about what love does, not what love feels. In the best of marriages, we feel love twenty percent of the time, twenty percent of the time we feel that exact opposite, and sixty percent of the time we feel nothing. God commands us to love each other 100% of the time whether we feel like it or not. Learn how you should love your spouse.

Lesson 8 – Summary

In this lesson we review the highlights of what we have learned in this series and summarize the applications we should make to our relationship.